Facial Biometrics: Protecting America’s Infrastructure from Cyberattack

Cybersecurity has become a vital part of running a business or government institution around the globe. Various factors have contributed to the continual rise of online crimes for years, allowing fraudsters to leverage technological advancements. Investing in modern device-based authentication has constantly grown, especially in the public sector, where swindlers would look to take advantage of traditional […]

How to Choose NFC Chips for Your Metal Cards

How to Choose NFC Chips for Your Metal Cards

NFC technology has been taking over the world by storm. Because of the great benefits it gives, even industries have implemented the use of NFC technology in their systems. NFC is a short term for Near-field Communication. It’s a set protocol that allows two electronic devices (one is usually a mobile device like a smartphone) […]

What Are Men’s Health Issues and Their Causes?


Physiological, psychological, social, and environmental factors are the factors that influence the health of men. These factors affect specific groups of people, such as men and boys, and often require specific interventions. Understanding these factors can help improve individual health and the health of populations. Read on to learn more about male health issues and […]

Infographic | Biggest Upsets in Sports History

Many bettors prefer to bet on the favourites as they are always expected to win. They are either the team player known to be stronger than the rest or a team that has a continuous win. Due to this, bookmakers adjust the odds of the favourites to offer less value than the underdog. When considering […]