Benefits of Using Passwordless Authentication in Your Business

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If you are not yet using passwordless authentication in your business, it is something that you should consider. There are many pros of passwordless authentication solutions and security processes. By now, it is possible that you already have a basic idea of what passwordless authentication is. As the name suggests, passwordless authentication, or password-free authentication, does not need users to input passwords to complete the verification process. Instead, users are supposed to provide another form of evidence that authenticates their identity, like a one-time password (OTP), secret PIN,  SMS or app generated codes, PKI-based personal authentication certificates, or biometrics to complete the authentication process.

Passwords can be easily stolen or guessed by hackers using brute force attacks. They can also purchase lists of breached passwords on the dark web or acquire them using malware. As a business owner, you can deploy passwordless authentication tools on your applications, websites, software, and office devices in order to strengthen the security posture and provide a convenient login experience to your customers and employees.

With passwordless authentication, you can be guaranteed of an improved user experience. Statistics show that the average user has 70 to 80 passwords. Since it is really difficult for an average person to create a challenging password, how about memorizing 80 unique passwords? With passwordless authentication, users will no longer need to brainstorm to set and memorize strong passwords.

This will be helpful to your business because some users may abandon their shopping carts or your website because they are supposed to log in but do not remember their passwords. Password resets add another layer of complexity, which people generally detest.  With passwordless authentication, users will have a convenient, stress-free experience. All they need to do is input their user ID or phone number to receive a new one-time password or PIN, link, or generated token code.

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