Façade Inspection and Upgrade in New Jersey

A façade is one of the most critical components of a building. More than its importance from an aesthetic standpoint, it also impacts energy efficiency. In addition, this essential structural element is built to protect the property against water leakage and air infiltration that could cause severe damage and potential hazards. 

With its significance, a property owner must see to it that the façade is appropriately designed and built. Then, maintaining it entails property condition assessment NJ. It is crucial to have regular inspections and upgrades to warrant the safety of all occupants and the public.

Façade inspections are typically performed by qualified structural engineers NJ or building inspectors. These assessments are done to identify possible areas of concern that may have occurred due to deterioration.

While most cracks are usually normal, they can still be one of the most prominent indicators of a declining façade. Hence, property owners must pay attention to these, particularly the vertical ones going up the concrete or masonry columns. These types of cracks are typically the ones that can be linked to a faulty façade. 

Leakage is another sign of a possible structural issue. Parapet walls, cornices, sills, and building corners are some of the building materials most susceptible to water intrusion. Window leaks, on the other hand, are typically caused by external gaskets losing their ability o seal frames and glass. Either way, leakage should be inspected immediately to prevent further property damage. 

Property owners and building inspectors must also be wary of corrosion as it can cause structural deficiencies. Restoration is often needed when this happens. 

The structure’s façade is critical in preventing the occupants and the public’s safety from being jeopardized. Therefore, building owners and managers should work closely with qualified engineers and inspectors to develop a comprehensive façade inspection and maintenance program. This program should include regular inspections, ongoing maintenance, and a plan for any necessary repairs or upgrades.

For more information about the importance of façade inspections, upgrades, and maintenance, continue reading this infographic from Lockatong Engineering. 

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