FINRA Issues Notice on the Transition to Remote Work and Remote Supervision (Infographic)

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted usual operations, creating a ripple effect with industry practices that are likely to last even before the global health crisis is already over.

Quarantine restrictions prompted many enterprises across industries to adopt a remote work model. By switching to telecommuting, employees can adhere to physical distancing protocols while continuing their work.

However, this shift in working operations has placed urgency on security and compliance with data protection regulations. It is easier to monitor employee activities in the corporate workplace, mostly since company-issued devices are made to be regulatory compliant.

Personal devices and other unapproved technology and systems are often used by remote staff while working from home since these are the resources closely available to them. However, many of these technologies and systems can entail risks as employees conduct businesses.

To minimize the risks that can be attributed to remote work, FINRA released a new regulatory notice to help firms implement secure telecommuting and supervisory practices. These standards were created in response to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis in most business operations. The new FINRA regulations will affect how these enterprises will move forward in the post-pandemic era.

Most remote workers are using mobile and online communication apps to interact with their clients conveniently. With the option of using these messaging platforms, clients do not feel hassled during transactions.

Still, since many of these communication apps are inherently non-compliant to regulations, firms need to leverage solutions that will help them effectively capture and record various forms of messages for compliance.

They need a secure and effective archiving solution to make mobile messaging apps like WeChat FINRA compliant and make WhatsApp FINRA compliant.

To know more about FINRA’s regulatory notice about transitioning into adopting remote work practices, an infographic from TeleMessage is provided below.


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