Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

As people get older, choosing between aging in place or moving into an assisted living home is inevitable. While the most feasible choice would be moving to a home care center, most seniors choose the former.


For some, moving away from their family home can take a toll on their emotional and physical well-being. The cognitive and sentimental ties formed over the years to their surroundings are a decisive factor in choosing aging in place.


Hence, most seniors still prefer to remain in a place where they feel most comfortable rather than spending the remainder of their years in a home for the elderly retirement setting.


Safety is a foremost concern for the elderly living independently. The given decline in health makes mobility a significant challenge, and the hidden risks around the home heighten the potential occurrence of accidents such as trips and falls.


While many prefer to hire Hourly Caregivers in Plainville, CT to assist and care for the seniors, it is not an assurance that the elderly are safe from risks.


Falls are common: however, a severe health problem with devastating consequences. It is the leading cause of morbidity and disability in the elderly. It is essential to modify the home with the senior’s safety in mind as they are prone to falls.

Hidden risks in a home may involve slippery floors, uneven thresholds, low lighting, and steep stairs. For starters, assess the aging needs and difficulties of the seniors. Most family members are not aware of the factors that make their aging loved ones struggle.

From then on, the planning for home modifications can be a more manageable task with the right help and assistance. Additionally, a perspective of caregivers in Connecticut can help during the process of modifying a home.


Seniors can remain to live independently and, in the long run, save a significant amount of money on senior living with the right home modifications.


To learn more, click this infographic from Euro-American Connections & Homecare.


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