How Can authID’s Cloud Biometric Authentication Fortify FIDO Multi-Device Login?


During the annual celebration of the World Password Day last June 5, three United States (U.S.) technology giants announced their support of the implementation of the passwordless authentication created by the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Google, Microsoft, and Apple will no longer rely on passwords as user authentication when people use their products.

Instead of memorizing passphrases, people can verify their login with biometrics. This is FIDO’s solution to the growing security and finance concerns of employing password-based authentication. As technology advances, so are the fraudsters becoming tech-savvy. They learned to engineer social scams to catch unknowing users, leading to booming cybercrimes. Moreover, financial-wise, organizations are exhausting millions of dollars on password resets.

Given these disadvantages, businesses look for non-password authentication solutions, like LoginID. These verification schemes allow companies to confirm user identity with biometrics. Aside from being highly secure, biometric authentication offers fast and seamless logins. However, this solution has its shortcomings.

Registering a second FIDO2 device is only possible through device-based authentication, meaning such a process needs the original FIDO-registered device nearby. During the first device’s registration, FIDO does not further verify the device holder’s identity.

To solve these imminent concerns, authID has built cloud-based biometric authentication to fortify FIDO’s multiple device logins. As biometrics is unique to each person, imitating fingerprint, retina, or iris is hard for cybercriminals. Deploying biometric authentication to cloud services can help companies establish a digital chain of trust between the business and the user. This is because the actual owner has the biometric credential to log in.

Biometric identity solutions also apply to identity as a service (IDaaS). Companies using cloud services can confirm that the legitimate user is responsible for the login activity. The authID’s patented step-up authentication can help organizations improve their anti-fraud protocols.

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