How to Choose the Right Communication Tool for Your Business?

The different specifications that management requires for an organization or team-wide communication tool depend on how it will be used. They should consider whether the app or software will be used for communication among employees or outreach efforts centered around customers.

There are instances where management may need a platform or channel to broadcast information and conduct events like webinars or video conferences where employees can listen for updates. Otherwise, management might see it more appropriate to have a group chat or video call application to seek employee input.

The chosen communication tool for organizations must have the following:

Support for All Types of Communication

When working, employees need to make calls, send text messages, initiate video calls, and share multimedia files. The chosen communication tool must be able to facilitate various communication types for smooth business operations. Going a step further than this, WhatsApp and WeChat have initiated enabling screen sharing for business users.

Along with enabling communication, the platforms must also have a reasonable backup so companies can record and archive text messages. This is increasingly crucial for regulatory compliance purposes. Another vital feature to look out for is the capability to perform call monitoring for compliance and productivity measurement.

Mobile First

Messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, and WeChat are easily accessible through mobile devices. This makes them a preferable choice for many employees, as there is no need for complicated logins or a learning curve. Moreover, they are easy and seamless to navigate, which helps enforce effective communication.

Investing in a Reliable Enterprise Messaging Solution

While choosing a convenient and reliable communication platform is vital, it is also essential to consider the modern regulatory landscape. Businesses must also consider investing in a recordkeeping solution and text message archiver that can provide communication compliance and maintain all instant messaging conversations for a specific period. While most communication platforms have essential backup support, they tend to run the risk of employee deletion and tampering. An enterprise must have a messaging solution that can serve as a reliable and undisputable source for employee communication or internal investigations.

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