Paper Bag Types & Sizes (Infographic)

The three criteria for choosing food packaging are convenience, food contact, and profitability. Kraft paper food containers are among the many options available in the market.

It was an alternative to the plastic used by take-out and fast-food professionals in the past. Yet, it became a real partner of today’s food services. “Kraft” means “strength,” and there is no joke about it. It is strong and resistant. Hence, many traders get attracted to its high-quality and highly-secured food packaging.

Catering and restaurants use this food packaging paper box for the following reasons:

Great Resistance

Kraft bags are cardboards known for their strength. Thus, it got its name from the said quality. Aside from food packaging, kraft paper is also perfect for designing bag liners in other areas. Businesses can use it without fear of tearing even by loading kraft bags with food weighing five kilos. But, be cautious. Do not put sharp tools inside because it can damage the bag.


Unlike plastic, a kraft bag is biodegradable, ecological food packaging. Manufacturing this product comes in small amounts. It is also recyclable, suitable for the reproduction of new paper rolls. Kraft is natural, non-toxic material. It poses no threat to humans and wildlife. Hence, using and producing it is eco-friendly.

Perfect for Customization

When it comes to personalization, kraft paper offers such a possibility. Rather than plain paper bags, you may opt for alternatives with printed details.

As a tip, choose models in automatic production, not in transplanting. In this way, customization is free. Brands that want to promote products can use kraft paper bags for their marketing plans. They may include their logo, tagline, and name on the paper. So, people can see that this good comes from them.


Kraft paper bags are multifunctional. It is a significant asset for businesses. You can save your wallet from going tight or empty through it. It is large-scale in distribution, yet for a lower cost.

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Paper Bag Types & Sizes (Infographic)

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