Singapore Pools Betting: Comparing SG Pools and Horse Betting Sites’ Horse Racing Bets

If you are a fan of watching Singapore horse racing live, and are about to place a wager on horses, then you must already know that you have one choice of doing it: via Singapore pools. But some are exploring and risking for a better profit. They bet through bookmakers via online casinos.

Since there is a tendency that you will not find a legitimate online betting site, you need to be wary. To help you, remember that credibility is critical to evaluating them. You should choose a trusted website that has been around for years to find the best Singapore sportsbook or betting site that will help you enjoy your betting journey.

To help you more when wagering, you must recognize the basics when placing a bet in your chosen site.

Singapore Pools-Specific Bets

Roll to Win

The correct betting team will choose the winning horses in two or three races. Each race’s winning payout and dividend will be rolled over into the next race. Roll Win is available on both Singaporean and Hong Kong races and shares the Win Bet betting pool.

Foreign horse betting websites allow bettors to replicate the parlay if permitted by the site.


Flexi-Quartet lets bettors buy a Quartet bet that includes multiple selections at a lower price and allows them greater flexibility in the number of combinations. The full unit bet will determine the dividends. The percentage of the dividend the winner invested is also used to calculate the winners.

Online gambling on horse racing from Singapore pools is easy with so many options. Many international betting sites offer horse betting as well. These include winning markets and even Singapore horse racing odds. You can easily place your bets or predict which horses will finish first.

To know more information about this matter, you can see this infographic from CM2Bet.

Singapore Pools Betting: Comparing SG Pools and Horse Betting Sites’ Horse Racing Bets

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