Biometric Technology: A Brief History

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Biometric technology has played a crucial role in digital identity verification processes. People can simply use their fingerprints or facial biometrics to unlock their devices, confirm transactions, or log in to their accounts in the modern world. Additionally, most smartphones already have built-in support for these biometric scans, making the process easier and more convenient. […]

How To Choose The Right Identity Verification Solution For Your Business

Finding the right identity verification solution for your business needs can be a challenging process. While there are many solutions to choose from nowadays, you need to find that best matches your needs. The following are some of the steps you should take in order to choose software that will give you value for money. […]

Identity Verification and Identity Document Authentication

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Keeping the company protected from fraudsters is vital for data security, customer trust, and due diligence for regulatory compliance. The prevalence of crimes like fraud and identity theft pushes enterprises to shore up their identity proofing capacity to ensure they are only interacting with legitimate individuals. Illegal transactions have costly consequences for firms. PwC’s respondents […]