Things To Know About The Revmax 68rfe

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Revmax 68rfe is rated to hold up to 550HP at the rear wheels.  This unit is built to the most stringent tolerances by one expert technician from the start to end, and each unit  is signed by the technician when finished.

This transmission features various things. Remember that trucks with tires that are larger than 35 inches cannot be covered under warranty unless proof of a differential gear change is provided , and warranty coverage in most cases only applies if you use an approved transmission tuning supplier, as is vital to proper transmission operation.

When you decide to acquire the Revmax 68rfe, you need to educate yourself about its disassembly and cleaning process. Complete disassembly of the entire transmission should be done, and all wearable “soft parts” are discarded. The casing and housings are supposed to be washed in a 190 degree hot wash tank, and the hard parts are thoroughly inspected and then discarded or hand washed. The casing of the transmission is thoroughly checked for any cracks or damage.

The Revmax 68rfe features a number of upgraded internals components, including billet stage 5 triple disc torque converter,  Revmax proprietary 550 high capacity input clutch housing, custom underdrive pressure plate and piston assembly, 5 clutch 2nd clutch with GPZ clutches, billet 2nd clutch piston assembly and 4 clutch 4th clutch pack with GPZ clutches.

Other upgraded internals components of the Revmax 68rfe include the custom 4th clutch pressure plate,   red eagle high performance low /reverse clutches, high energy reverse clutches and Revmax high pressure pump. There is also the Revmax high pressure valve body, brand new internal solenoid pack, custom calibrated Revmax performance valve body, fully tested on our computerized valve body dyno  and extra deep 4.5 quart additional cast aluminum pan with drain plug.

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