What is Quiet Quitting, and How Can Leaders Help?

The term “quiet quitting” has become popularized in the internet world. It emerged as Zaid Khan, a 24-year-old engineer and TikTok user, explained in his video that quiet quitting is not about the idea of entirely leaving your job but more about alleviating the concept of a hustling mentality without fair compensation. The video received almost 3.5 million views and 488,000 likes, gaining different perspectives from the public.

Despite its positive or negative connotations from people, employers and managers must know how to deal with a team that quiet quits. And one way to do it is through improving management and leadership skills.

Excellent leadership development in workplace can establish a happier and healthier workforce. As a manager, you should be able to provide opportunities and experiences that will help your employees in their professional growth. It is also better to give credit to their skills and capabilities to make them feel validated.

Although you have different ways of addressing quiet quitting, it is not something negative that employers should be arguing against. Everyone is prone to burnout, even if you are the most enthusiastic employee in your company. Still, work-life balance is a more critical aspect to consider lessening the chances of quiet quitting.

A good work-life balance will help your team feel more empowered. It gives your team more control over work life, resulting to greater productivity, lower absenteeism and sickness, and a happier workforce. However, it is vital to ensure that your employees will not abuse and misuse the practice of quiet quitting.

Ultimately, leaders play a vital role in companies. The team’s performance lies in the management and work system. If you think you need to seek development on these, you can look for leadership and management courses. Be sure to apply your learnings and share them with your team.

To know more about the matter, read this infographic from Corporate Learning Solutions.

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