Why Copper Is the Gold Standard of Gutters

Proper water drainage is needed to preserve your house’s integrity. Planning this early on will prevent further stress in the future. Gutters, while not the most exciting part of the building, provide the most protection to the structure of your house. You may picture the clunky-looking gutters when thinking of one, but these days, you get more variety when choosing ones that are better suited for your needs and the desired facade of your house.

Gutters can either be traditional or seamless. Traditional gutters are those that are pre-cut and are then assembled like a puzzle. The joints are then sealed or soldered depending on the material to prevent leaks. This requires more maintenance because the seams are further susceptible to leaks and piling up of debris. Seamless rain gutters are more commonly installed nowadays. The absence of the seams and sections significantly reduces the likelihood of leakages. It is also advantageous to those living with a lot of trees as there are fewer areas for debris to pile up. While traditional gutters can be bought in some stores and installed by a homeowner, seamless gutters are made by professionals on a machine custom-sized to your home and are installed in a single piece. Seamless gutters are pricier but are much more durable and require less maintenance.

The material used in gutters also matters. The most common ones are vinyl, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, or zinc. Copper rain gutters are the most premium out of the bunch for their durability and the ability to stand extreme temperatures. It does not need to be painted as copper does patina after weathering. Copper does not bend or warp and is rustproof. If properly installed and maintained, it can last a lifetime.

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