Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History

Football betting in Malaysia is both legal and popular, and local sports bettors can have a fun time as long as they aren’t betting in common gaming houses. Sports bettors can bet on big sports events or mix things up with parlays of different matches and betting markets. It’s possible to combine moneyline bets with over/under bets and other betting markets, making it possible to win parlays relatively easily.

Bettors can get rich betting on parlays, provided they get lucky and predict several outcomes correctly. In fact, several bettors already won hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars because of parlays, and some even did so through sheer luck.

One example is Steve Whiteley, a heating engineer who staked bet £2 and won £1.45 million. He picked six horses randomly for an Exeter Tote and even got lucky by picking a bad horse that eventually won a race after a bad losing streak.

Another bettor that got lucky is an anonymous bettor in Malta who placed a $1 bet and won $735,783. The bettor used a 19-fold accumulator for the bet, which is extremely hard to win since bettors need to predict the outcome of all 19 matches to win correctly. Liverpool’s winning goal against Chelsea secured the lucky bettor’s six-figure payout.

Tayla Polia is one rookie sports bettor who miraculously won $105,000 on her second bet, which happens to be a parlay bet of nine favourites, five underdogs, and one over/under totals bet. Betting on parlays is hard enough, but winning big in only the second bet is something else.

Malaysian bettors can potentially win big through football betting and horse betting, and they only need to get lucky with either jackpots or parlays to do so. If a bettor wants to check on previous Malaysia horse racing results, they can also do so when they register in a reliable online casino.

For more information on some of the biggest sports betting wins in history, bettors can read CM2Bet’s infographic here.

Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History

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