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  • Functionalities of a Cloud Accounting Software – Infographics

    A cloud accounting solution is a web-based accounting system accessible from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. The software allows you to access your data anywhere, from any device, at any time. Since you don’t have to maintain servers or IT staff, you can access it from any location. The software makes […]

  • How To Do a Cash Flow Analysis for Small Businesses – Infographic

    The cash flow report displays a company’s outflows and inflows. Companies can use this money statement to assess how well they are generating a profit or predict future revenue. ┬áTHREE CASH ACTIVITIES CATEGORIES Three types of cash flow statements are available for companies, small businesses, and corporations: Operating – This is the amount of money […]

  • Accrual Accounting vs. Cash Basis Accounting: What is the Difference? (Infographics)

    A business is an integral part of any economy. It is more focused on selling products and services to millions worldwide. That’s why it increases supply and demand. Apart from the many benefits it brings to the global economy and the personal advantages, having a business is also a great advantage for an individual. This […]