Football Betting Guide: What is a 1X2 Bet?

Sportsbooks encourage new sports gamblers to play, learn and win. Newbies often get the no-cost play to learn the basics and explore a particular game. As they learn to play sports betting, odds strategy and assessment can improve.

But as far as soccer betting in Singapore is concerned, one of the most favored games for bettors is the 1×2 betting market. Some call it Moneyline betting, a term initially used in the US. It is a game that is so easy to play; all you have to do is pick the team you think will win. However, it may be tricky as this should be done based on the applicable odds.

How Does the 1×2 Betting Market Work?

The 1×2 betting marketplace has three possible outcomes where bettors can place their bets: home win (1), away win (2), and the draw (X). Whatever the player chooses should be selected within the first 90 seconds of the game. If the bettor picks the home team with the marker (1), and this team wins, you win your wager. The bettor loses when the match’s outcome is a draw (x) or away win (2). 

The prize for each match outcome is calculated according to:

Odds x Stake = Potential Return

Playing the game is truly simple. However, the math behind it has its complexity. Since not all teams are as superior as the other, the odds of the team that wins may be in favor of the bigger group.

Why are 1×2 markets so popular with sports gamblers?

Many are fondly aware of Singapore Pools betting odds. These are what make them so popular:

  • It’s straightforward to play.
  • You can find it in most sportsbooks.
  • Parlay bets can be combined.

1×2 betting is easy to learn and can provide a good starting point in teaching beginner sports betting. For professionals, this may be their refresher and entertainment. But if you are someone who wants to learn more, you can find more information about it in this infographic created by Junebet66.

Football_Betting_Guide_What_is_a_1X2 Bet_infographic_image

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