Locs Styles for Starters Guide

Some women grow locs for a variety of reasons. Most often, it is because of their spirituality and goal of breaking societal stereotypes. Others also preferred locs because it is easy to maintain for them. Additionally, some ladies want something new. 

For starters, there are various locs styles to choose from. Some might find it challenging to select the style that fits their personality. Given this, these are some of the loc variations that a woman can try incorporating into their hair:

Two-Strands Twists

This locs style is an alternative to comb coils, which some women might struggle to keep from unravelling. To be fair, the comb coils depend on the hair type of the lady. Because of this, women stick with the two-strand twists that, if appropriately maintained, grow to thicker, fuller hair results. To achieve this style, women have at least four-inch long hair to perform palm rolling or comb twisting to maintain the loc as the hair grows.

Palm Rolling

Palm rolling is among the locs style options women can choose from to start their locs journey. It involves rolling a section of the hair between your hands. The strands will then find their natural shape by doing so. The palm-rolled hair would eventually grow to locs. Yet, women must ensure that all palm rolls are uniform.

Comb Coils

The most popular locs for starters is the comb coils. Women will need either a coil twist comb or a rattail comb to achieve this look. They can use either of these combs to create a coil by placing it in the hair. This style can be maintained by moisturizing your hair with the appropriate hair oil and wearing a scarf at night.

Women have the option to choose their hairstyle. Starters might have difficulty choosing the right style, so it is best to contact a salon business. This enterprise offers various services, including knotless braids and color for locs.

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