Was Your Business Ready for COVID-19?

Many businesses worldwide suffered from the coronavirus pandemic. Most were forced to close down not only because they weren’t considered an “essential business,” but also because they weren’t ready for the crisis. Companies that can operate remotely are reasonably prepared for sudden occurrences like COVID-19.

If companies are prepared for the pandemic, they can survive other crises that could have otherwise crippled other businesses. A reliable IT guy in NJ can help companies stay prepared for any sudden changes, including pandemics or local problems like fires gutting the office or viruses infecting the computers, by recommending technologies for them to use and assisting in their implementation.

Besides purchasing laptops, routers, webcams, and other hardware for remote work, companies must also invest in battery backups, surge protection, online backups, antivirus software, and others. Investing in technologies to future-proof a business lets a company continue their operations even when employees can’t get to the office.

Sudden power outages are among the most common issues present that different companies face that result in employees suddenly losing their work. Through battery backups and surge protection, the employees can save their work and shut their computers down, keeping them from losing files and damaging the computer due to abrupt shutdowns.

Having both online and local backups can also help employees restore their files when they’re having problems with their internet connection, when the weather keeps them from getting to the office, and even when fire destroys the office.

A reliable computer guy in NJ’s support is essential to keep businesses competitive by future-proofing them. IT companies know what companies need to be prepared for various crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Excellent cloud migration and computer security services are instrumental in ensuring that companies can continue their operations amidst crises that can cripple others in the industry. See this infographic by Landau Consulting for more information.

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